what we do...                         

how long does it take?

We can turn pieces around incredibly quickly depending on deadlines. We're confident that our service would actually prove quicker than use of a music library taking into account the time spent searching through the countless examples. With us, you send us your brief, maybe an example and we can get cracking immediately and have jobs turned around in as quick as 8 hours depending on the size of the piece.

who will own the music?

You will hold all rights to the piece of music. The medium of use will be represented in the costing but once it's yours, it's YOURS!

If you've ever sat there thinking "I need it to be 1:45 seconds....and not too fast and.....oh I love that Bowie record with the strings.....but a bit more orchestral.....annnnnnd I want something exciting to happen at 0:49 seconds!!?" then fear not, this is what we do!

From Jingles to Film Scores and Sound Design, We make every piece of music from scratch, completely made to measure.

what styles do you do?

  • Classical
  • Jazz/Swing
  • Blues
  • Electronic/Dance
  • Country
  • R&B/Soul
  • Hip Hop

how does it work?

Get in touch via email or phone and explain what it is your after. This could be things like, how long, what it's for, what style, you may want it to sound like something you already know etc. When I've gathered all the necessary information, I then hibernate in my studio and return with a bespoke piece matching exactly what it was you wanted. Tweaks are possible also if things need changing here or there.